Alex “Champion” Ovechkin makes Rap debut; quits hockey

Ok, we are kidding about the second part of the headline, but the first part is true.

According to Russian Machine Never Breaks, Ovi wasn’t just vacationing back home this summer in Russia. He was busy recording with Sasha Belyi for his song “Champion.”

And now the video has just come out.

Apparently, Sasha and Ovi are friends. In a quote to on Alex Ovetjkin blog, Sasha says the song is in fact dedicated to the Washington Capitals forward.

We’ve been friends with Alex for a long time. We are both athletes: I am judoka, he is a hockey player. We used to compete in karaoke bars on who would say more words per minute. I joked that he had no teeth, and he joked that he plays hockey. That was the main topic of the humor between us. And then I had an idea. This year I wrote a rap “Champion”, which is devoted to Alex.

How sweet.

The Russian Machine Never Breaks translates the lyrics to the verse that Ovie raps as follows:

Alumni of Dynamo
8 on the back.
In the All-Star game all attention is on me.

On the NatTeam since 17
Scored 100 points in a season
Gold medal in Canada in ’08

Among the ten best players of the decade,
Stick in my hands, Rap in my headphones,
Saying hello from Washington,
Together with Sanya Belyi,
For every champion

I’m surprised that the rhymes didn’t include anything about the embarrassment the Russian team suffered at the 2010 Olympics. Or the measly 18 goals and 17 assists he has in 43 games this season. Or the fact that number 8 has ZERO Stanley Cups to his name. Guess that didn’t portray the Champion image.

Anyway, it’s all in good fun we suppose. And it looks like it was a pretty big deal in Russia. MTV ran a special about the making of the video. Check it out!

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